Coaching or Counseling?

This is an important question. I love both coaching and counseling students, and I’m qualified to do both. The two services are unique and serve different needs.

People of all walks of life seek professional coaching when they are in a moderately healthy place in life, yet have a desire to move from where they are toward some place they expect will be better for them. As an adolescent mental strength coach, I coach two types of students…

For Students

Accomplishing great things is never easy and rarely done alone. Like all of us, you need your family, friends, coaches, teachers, and a host of others to work with you to help you progress in all facets of life.  You may feel overbooked, overworked, overstretched, and overcommitted, sometimes you may be close to “losing it.” I want to work with you to help you find balance, freedom, and clarity in the path you are walking…

For Parents

All parents love their children and want what’s best for them. But “best” is a relative term, and sometimes it’s hard for parents to clearly see their kids’ true potential and to offer the optimal support. I don’t know about you, but some of the “best” I’ve tried to give my children has been a little off the mark.

Despite our most fervent prayers, our greatest efforts, and our thoughtful guidance, at times we feel vulnerable, scared, frustrated, and a bit lost…

How to Get Started

It’s simple, really. Call me or send an email to start a dialogue.

It’s important for you to look at yourself as a “consumer,” looking for the best product to serve your needs. Many excellent mentors, coaches, clergy, and therapists are ready and able to work with you. They are all around us! I want to work with those who believe I am the best fit for them, and who are truly dedicated to the process of working with me…

About Me

Trevor Simpson

Adolescent Mental Strength Coach

I work with high-potential students who want to position themselves for athletic or academic success, helping them access a healthy perspective so they can enjoy performing to their fullest capacity.

More About Me

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Nice things people have said about me.

A college admissions expert recently said that “ordinary extraordinary” isn’t good enough to get into a top tier college. The pressure on our students to be excellent at everything is enormous and the kids with the potential to perform at that extraordinary level are at risk of being crushed by unrealistic expectations. Trevor is in a unique position to support your student with tools to be anxiety resilient. I had the pleasure of observing Trevor council middle schoolers. He has a gift for connecting to students with great care without being overwhelmed by the stress they’re experiencing. When the pressure is mounting the solution is simple: Keep calm and call Trevor.

Mandy Burbank, LCSW

Trevor is a compassionate person, a gifted clinician, and able to develop creative approaches to many issues. He served on my leadership team at Alexian Brothers Parish Services. I could count on Trevor to manage our school program, this involved providing clinical supervision to the team as they provided school support services to our 10 parochial school partners, developing collaborative relationships both in the community and at Alexian Brothers. Trevor also served one of our schools as their School Counselor, in addition to his management responsibilities. He developed a very collaborative relationship with the Principal of his school, providing professional consultation and direction, as well as creative programming in response to various social emotional needs of the students at his PreK-8th grade school.

Trevor would be a great choice as coach for you or your child. He will develop a collaborative relationship and provide creative activities for you or your child/young adult to increase their confidence as they navigate lifes challenges.”

Rita Rippentrop, Executive Director of Barrington Youth and Family Services
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