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People of all walks of life seek professional coaching when they are in a moderately healthy place in life, yet have a desire to move from where they are toward some place they expect will be better for them. As an athletic mental strength coach, I coach two types of student-athletes. Some want to excel to their full potential on the court or the field, and I help them do so in a healthy way. I also coach student-athletes who are finding their athletic performance hindered by stress or various forms of performance anxiety.


Accomplishing great things in athletics is never easy and rarely done alone. Like all of us, you need your family, friends, coaches, teammates, and a host of others to work with you to help you progress to the best of your ability in sports.  In today’s culture, participating in competitive athletics can feel overwhelming and joyless. You may feel overbooked, overworked, overstretched, and over-committed; sometimes you may be close to “losing it.” I want to work with you to help you find balance, freedom, and clarity in the path you are walking. I want you …


All parents love their children and want what’s best for them. But “best” is a relative term, and sometimes it’s hard for parents to clearly see their kids’ true potential and to offer optimal support, especially in competitive athletics. I don’t know about you, but some of the “best” I’ve tried to give my children has been a little off the mark.

Despite our most fervent prayers…

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It’s important for you to look at yourself as a “consumer,” looking for the best product to serve your needs. There are many excellent mentors, coaches, and programs that are ready and able to work with you. I want to work with those who believe I’m the best fit for them, and who are truly dedicated to the process of working with me…

About Me

Trevor Simpson, LCPC

Athletic Mental Strength Coach

I am passionate about seeing student-athletes confidently work hard and compete at their peak because they know who they are and where they want to go. As a an athletic-performance coach, I work with young athletes and guide them to a place where they can increase the health of their outlook, design programs and plans for more efficient training, solve problems, take healthy risks, manage stress and anxiety to their advantage, and clearly see their true best.

I see potential in every athlete I have the privilege to coach, and I have a unique ability to meet young people where they are and build…

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Nice things people have said about me.

Trevor Simpson has helped me regain confidence when I was at an all time low on and off the court. He helped me find balance throughout my life with friends, family and intense basketball training. He has especially taught me how to look past the negatives in my life and turn them into positive opportunities that allow me to grow into who I want to be. I have appreciated his coaching, mentoring, and above all, his friendship.


– Trevor Rumple (class of 19)

Coach Trevor is a fantastic coach. He is always on task, keeping up with me weekly and making sure I’m up on ready to grow in every moment. I am more focused in training and more engaged in what my coaches give me. I have loved learning how to implement a growth mindset in every part of my life, on and off the court.

Hunter (class of 22)
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