A college admissions expert recently said that “ordinary extraordinary” isn’t good enough to get into a top tier college. The pressure on our students to be excellent at everything is enormous and the kids with the potential to perform at that extraordinary level are at risk of being crushed by unrealistic expectations. Trevor is in a unique position to support your student with tools to be anxiety resilient. I had the pleasure of observing Trevor council middle schoolers. He has a gift for connecting to students with great care without being overwhelmed by the stress they’re experiencing. When the pressure is mounting the solution is simple: Keep calm and call Trevor.

Mandy Burbank, LCSW

Trevor is a compassionate person, a gifted clinician, and able to develop creative approaches to many issues. He served on my leadership team at Alexian Brothers Parish Services. I could count on Trevor to manage our school program, this involved providing clinical supervision to the team as they provided school support services to our 10 parochial school partners, developing collaborative relationships both in the community and at Alexian Brothers. Trevor also served one of our schools as their School Counselor, in addition to his management responsibilities. He developed a very collaborative relationship with the Principal of his school, providing professional consultation and direction, as well as creative programming in response to various social emotional needs of the students at his PreK-8th grade school.

Trevor would be a great choice as coach for you or your child. He will develop a collaborative relationship and provide creative activities for you or your child/young adult to increase their confidence as they navigate lifes challenges.”

Rita Rippentrop, Executive Director of Barrington Youth and Family Services

I am in college now, but a few years ago college wasn’t even an option. I was struggling with depression and anxiety and was making some terrible choices. Trevor worked well with me, even when I didn’t want to be there. He told me things I didn’t always want to hear, but I had to hear them. I wasn’t the easiest to work with, but Trevor is wise and patient and caring. He never gave up on me and refused to let me get away with giving up on myself. He was a great counselor, a great mentor and a great cheerleader for me when I needed one.

Eric S.

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD during junior high.  We utilized Trevor to support our son in coming to terms with his boredom at school and navigating friendships.  Prior to Trevor, our son was acting out in some inappropriate ways and ending up in minor difficulties with the school.  Through Trevor, he learned anger management techniques that he is utilizing years later.  Today, he is a very successful young man who is excelling in his interactions with others.


My daughter was diagnosed with and suffered from anxiety.  Trevor was able to give her tools and techniques to understand how her anxiety manifested and help her learn new ways of addressing her concerns.  Her anxiety is no longer hindering her thoughts and actions.  Trevor is a great partner – we recommend him highly – he was a tremendous asset to our daughter and to us as parents.




Trevor is undoubtedly gifted in working with the adolescent population. Trevor strategically and naturally identifies individuals’ strengths to maximize their potential. I have seen adolescents trust Trevor with their stories. Consequently, I have seen Trevor honor their trust in a way that facilitates growth, and when needed, healing. Trevor can see past the adolescent facade and into the hearts of this tender age – he can sense when to be tough to extract the best and when to be gently comfort and guide. Furthermore, he partners with parents, families, and schools to ensure collaboration towards success. With Trevor on your team, your chances of successfully meeting your goals exponentially increase.

Prof. Stef Standefer, LCPC, Assistant Director of Clinical Training and Core Faculty, Northwestern University

Trevor’s patience and empathy while working with our son reinforced by positive self-examination helped him take steps to young adulthood.


Trevor uses positive communication and helpful tools to guide people into healthier relationships and have a positive approach to life.


Working with Trevor set us up for positive communication with our son, and gave us tools to approach any given situation with healthy boundaries. He helped us take a step back and gain perspective, while working with our son to balance and deal with life stresses and succeed

George and Amy

I am forever grateful Trevor was recommended when my child needed counseling. Not only did he support my son, he helped me be a better parent. His expertise, as well as his caring and thoughtful manner, has had an incredibly positive effect on our family.

Helen B.

Trevor was a great counselor for me. He helped get through the death of my mother, deal with bullying in 7th grade, and helped me work on my anger issues. I have improved so much since Trevor has been working with me. He has been the best help I’ve received my entire life.

Ben K.

The mission for Peak Perspective is absolutely needed today.  Trevor has the vision, skills, and personal ideology to assist adolescents with navigating a healthy balance of expectations from school and extra curricular activities knowing their abilities and limits.  Trevor has a passionate heart for working with adolescents and he has dedicated his professional life working with youth.  As a colleague, I have the utmost respect for Trevor and confidently endorse him for your consideration.

Cheryl Hazek, LCSW

Trevor is the type of person you trust immediately! He listens intently and responds compassionately. He challenges students to search for ways to be the best they can be. Trevor is always kind and compassionate. He respects all people and challenges students to offer that same respect and compassion in their interactions with others.

Cyndi Collins, Principal, St. Isidore School

Some things I’ve always appreciated about Trevor are his love for students, his approachability, his wisdom, and his ability to clearly communicate in ways that are relevant to students and applicable to their lives. He treats students with respect and is absolutely sincere in his desire to help them grow into healthy, well balanced adults. I have nothing but respect, love and admiration for Trevor and am so thankful for the years we invested serving middle school students together.

Glenn Westberg, Associate Pastor, Summit Church, San Diego, CA

Trevor is counselor and mentor to teenagers. His experience as a counselor, long time youth worker, and father of two teenagers allow him to comfortably walk alongside students. Trevor is comfortable sitting in the tension with students and helping them navigate their way through pain, trauma, and challenging life circumstances.

Trevor is qualified both in his experience and academically to be working with students, but his greatest asset is his passion to see students grow. Students enjoy being around Trevor and it is obvious he genuinely loves to spend time with students and see them come to a place of health.

Trevor looks to the core of why a student feels or behaves the way they do and sees past reactive solutions or temporary fixes to help students discover a place of sustainable and long-term health.

Josh Afram, Middle School Pastor, Parkview Community Church
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