Trevor Simpson has helped me regain confidence when I was at an all time low on and off the court. He helped me find balance throughout my life with friends, family and intense basketball training. He has especially taught me how to look past the negatives in my life and turn them into positive opportunities that allow me to grow into who I want to be. I have appreciated his coaching, mentoring, and above all, his friendship.


– Trevor Rumple (class of 19)

Coach Trevor is a fantastic coach. He is always on task, keeping up with me weekly and making sure I’m up on ready to grow in every moment. I am more focused in training and more engaged in what my coaches give me. I have loved learning how to implement a growth mindset in every part of my life, on and off the court.

Hunter (class of 22)

My son has a love of basketball that is unsurpassed. He had a hugely disappointing year prior to entering high school and went into the season with significant self-doubt. It has been awesome to see our son transform into a leader that is confident and able to overcome adversity. Trevor has given our son and our family the highest level of professionalism. Trevor has always given our son 100% and has been flexible with scheduling and with payments. He has come to watch our son play a couple of different times, and he makes himself available outside of scheduled session times via text. In the last several months, our son has grown into a different athlete right before our eyes. He uses mental strategies that help him overcome trials and tribulations. He has a better concept of how to interact with outside negative forces and he remains in control and level headed on the court. We have noticed our son transform. He trains better and more effectively and his performance on the court has steadily improved. We highly recommend Trevor as an athletic mental strength coach.

Amy (mother)

Before meeting Trevor, we were mentally losing our son. Our son was struggling with a coach that he had several negative encounters with and found unapproachable. He was lacking in confidence and self-worth in himself and as well as his abilities on the court. Trevor has helped him differentiate between truths and opinions. He has taught his to seek his own self-worth and not seek it from others. That to Trevor, our son played for that coach his senior year and was able to receive a scholarship to play basketball in college! We are thankful for Trevor everyday and for what he has helped our son mentally process through, encourage him through, and help him prepare for life.

Kari (mother)

A college admissions expert recently said that “ordinary extraordinary” isn’t good enough to get into a top tier college. The pressure on our students to be excellent at everything is enormous and the kids with the potential to perform at that extraordinary level are at risk of being crushed by unrealistic expectations. He has a gift for connecting to students with great care without being overwhelmed by the stress they’re experiencing. When the pressure is mounting the solution is simple: Keep calm and call Trevor.

Mandy Burbank, LCSW

My daughter was diagnosed with and suffered from anxiety.  Trevor was able to give her tools and techniques to understand how her anxiety manifested and help her learn new ways of addressing her concerns.  Her anxiety is no longer hindering her thoughts and actions.  Trevor is a great partner – we recommend him highly – he was a tremendous asset to our daughter and to us as parents.



Lynda (mother)

Trevor is undoubtedly gifted in working with the adolescent population. Trevor strategically and naturally identifies individuals’ strengths to maximize their potential. I have seen adolescents trust Trevor with their stories. Consequently, I have seen Trevor honor their trust in a way that facilitates growth. Furthermore, he partners with parents, families, and schools to ensure collaboration towards success. With Trevor on your team, your chances of successfully meeting your goals exponentially increase.

Dr. Stef Standefer, LCPC, Assistant Director of The Family Institute, Northwestern University

I am forever grateful Trevor was recommended when my child needed counseling. Not only did he support my son, he helped me be a better parent. His expertise, as well as his caring and thoughtful manner, has had an incredibly positive effect on our family.

Helen (mother)

The mission for Peak Perspective is absolutely needed today.  Trevor has the vision, skills, and personal ideology to assist adolescents with navigating a healthy balance of expectations from school and extra curricular activities knowing their abilities and limits.  Trevor has a passionate heart for working with adolescents and he has dedicated his professional life working with youth.  As a colleague, I have the utmost respect for Trevor and confidently endorse him for your consideration.

Cheryl Hazek, LCSW
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